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Octodoc enhances eMabler document composition process

Tagnile Octodoc Referenssi

eMabler Ltd has implemented the OctoDOC solution, supplied by TagNile Ltd, to streamline the production of documents and files associated with their software development.

In 2022, eMabler Ltd was in search of a solution to address document production challenges, particularly those related to document composition, within their software ecosystem. The expertise of TagNile Ltd and the versatility of emerged as the perfect solution to meet eMabler Ltd’s needs comprehensively.

  • Our collaboration deepened rapidly, and by July 2023, eMabler Ltd made the strategic decision to embrace According to eMabler’s CTO, CTO Ville Parviainen, ‘ empowers us to generate visually stunning PDF forms with rich and informative content.
Octodoc eMabler Reference Image

The outcomes have been remarkable: eMabler Ltd can now rapidly and efficiently produce high-quality PDF forms, greatly enhancing their business. Thanks to, eMabler Ltd can deliver even better service to their customers, along with visually striking documents.

The vendor of the OctoDOC product, Prisma-IT, has been developing the product since 2016. OctoDOC can be quickly implemented and is designed to meet the document production needs of medium-sized businesses in particular. One of the special strengths of the OctoDOC suite is its broad technical compatibility across different formats.


Tagnile Ltd specializes in data tagging solutions. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most versatile and advanced tools for data tagging and data flow management. OctoDOC is one of the solutions within Tagnile’s Data Presentation product group. In the Data Collection product group, Tagnile offers ePalvelu products for public administration and iPalvelu products for businesses. You can learn more about our iPalvelu solutions on our website at

eMabler Ltd makes electric vehicle charging easier and more cost-effective for end-users. The company’s electric mobility SaaS platform’s software interface (API) can be seamlessly integrated into charging station operators, charging station manufacturers, and corporate information systems.

Tagnile Ltd and eMabler Ltd have together crafted a success story with the use of, reflecting our strong collaboration and dedication to our customers’ success.

Additional Information:
Jarmo Siivari, Business Director, Tagnile Ltd, phone: +358 44 063 3042

Ville Parviainen, CTO, eMabler Oy, phone 050 3753757

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