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Etusivu » Topics » TagNiles launches new OctoDOC product as a replacement for DocOrigin

TagNiles launches new OctoDOC product as a replacement for DocOrigin

E-services and document management specialist TagNile offers our current and future customers a new product as a replacement for our current document generation solution DocOrigin.

The new product, OctoDOC contains useful functionalities, improved compatibility and interesting development opportunities. TagNile will continue to provide product support for the current DocOrigin customers. Alternatively, the customers can switch effortlessly to OctoDOC.

  • “This is a giant leap for us, and it will allow us to provide our customers with a next-generation solution. Our specialists have found the best and most value-adding option to replace the discontinued product,” says TagNile Business Manager Jarmo Siivari.
Octodoc missing piece logo article

OCTODOC has been under development by Prisma-IT and their partners since 2016. Prisma-IT also offers other products in the Octo family, including OctoPOS. The recently launched OctoDOC is instantly available. The product is designed to meet the document generation needs of medium-sized companies. It also offers advanced technical compatibility between different file formats.

OctoDOC offers the same basic features as DocOrigin, with several new additions and improvements. The documents comply with our customer’s requirements: they are accessible and can be printed as stickers, for example.

We will continue to support our customers during the transitional period – product support will continue for DocOrigin.

TagNile is committed to taking particularly good care of all our contract customers.

  • “Both the old product and its support service will remain available. In addition to this, we are fully committed to supporting our customers during the transitional period and to making sure that they can switch to OctoDOC as smoothly as possible,” says Jarmo Siivari.

We will personally contact each of our DocOrigin customers concerning the transition to the new product. More information regarding octoDOC is available on our website and from our customer service.

Strategic cooperation

Prisma-IT has been an internationally registered trademark since 2013, when the company’s IT sector began its operations in the Netherlands under the name Prisma-IT. The Finnish trademark holder is Prisma-IT Nordic Oy.

Tagnileis your expert in data tagging. We offer our customers the market’s most versatile and developed solutions for data tagging and data flow.

OctoDOC is one of the solutions available in TagNile’s Data Presentation product group. TagNile’sData Collection product group features, for example, the ePalvelu solution for public administration organisations and the iPalvelu solution for businesses.

Additional information:
Jarmo Siivari, Business Manager, Tagnile Oy,’s mascot, a pink octopus, can be found on the underground. Click on our mascot to see a larger image. We will upload more images as our mascot’s journey continues.

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