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TagNile’s new Aiddocs solution improves agility and reliability in document production and template management

TagNile Oy presents Aiddocs, a modern software solution for their current and future clients’ document production needs. Aiddocs is developed by the Finnish Aiddo

TagNile’s new affiliate Aiddo Oy is a Finnish product development company. Aiddo has developed and sold the Aiddocs software solution for several years in Finland and abroad.

Under the recently signed agreement between the companies, TagNile obtains primary rights to sell Aiddocs in Finland. Aiddo will focus on international productisation and customer support.

Aiddocs is a software solution developed to help organisations with their document production needs. Aiddocs’ programming integration is based on modern, common web standards and REST interfaces. Document creation in Aiddocs relies on structured templates, which utilise Microsoft Office’s Open XML file formats.

The document templates can be easily edited by using familiar tools, and the applications can be neatly integrated into different systems. Improved document quality and accessibility offer significant advantages to organisations. In addition to this, the solution makes it easier to manage different brands in a multitenant environment.

The financial benefits of Aiddocs typically include radical reductions in the need for coding work, more efficient management of document content and increased lifespans for the organisation’s technical architecture.

Strategic cooperation

Aiddo specialises in using the latest technology to solve the challenges of document production in demanding multitenant environments. Aiddocs is a document production and template management solution developed by Aiddo.

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Ari Hakaste Aiddo Oy
Ari Hakaste, CEO, Aiddo Oy

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Ari Hakaste, CEO, Aiddo Oy,

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